29th Feb 2016, 8:22 AM in Chapter 5
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Author Notes:
Wyatt is not very stealthy. I have no idea how he's survived this long, haha.

I'll be spending the next week working on more Devil Spy and commissions. I just reached page 100 (out of about 140) of the Willem book, so I'll hopefully have that all done soon. I'm not sure how long putting it together or the printing process will take, but I am hopefully still on track for shipping the books in June. I'll work on another page of WOH! when I get some more Willem book pages done. :) I have an out of town convention I need to prepare for (Sakuracon in Seattle) at the end of the month which may throw off my work schedule, but I'll try to stick to it as best I can. I hope you all had a rad weekend!

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