21st Dec 2015, 8:16 AM in Chapter 4
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Yo dawgs, it's Monday and you know what that means. DEVIL SPY TIME! Here's your update for the week. Since my Patreon patrons are a week ahead, you'll get and update next week but not in two weeks because I'm taking this week off to get everything squared away with my broken laptop situation. Here's the latest news:

Wacom released a new driver for my Cintiq and yes it now works perfectly on my iMac! But I need a new laptop still because my back problems prevent me from being able to stand/sit for too long while working. When I work on the laptop, I'm able to lie down and work while resting my back. Basically, I need the two computers in order to work the amount of time I normally do. So I'll be doing some character drawings this week while I'm "taking time off" on my iMac. Probably Willem characters, I'm open to suggestions, send me your ideas! I'll be getting a new laptop soon so regular updates should resume soon..

Hope you enjoy this page!

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