23rd Nov 2015, 9:22 AM in Chapter 4
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Author Notes:
Good morning! Here is the latest page of Devil Spy for your viewing pleasure. Wyatt doesn't have any outdoor survival skillz... Hope you enjoy this page!

There will be a new page of Willem for you tomorrow! Please leave me some comments below, I get so bored while I'm working......... and please tell your friends about Devil Spy! I need all the subscribers I can get if I want to get a book published next year. :)

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User comments:
Reaper Dragon
Someone with plenty of time on his hands needs to try a library for survival guides/stories.
Something you don't know and need to know? What's stopping you?
I figure he is lazy.
I don't have all the answers yet, Devil Spy is still a work in progress. :) But my assumption is that, at this point print books have been phased out and digital file books have replaced them. Without an internet connection, Wyatt wouldn't be able to access them (that's how the digital books at my library work anyway).

Wyatt also lived underground since he was 11, so he is pretty naive about the world. He is in fact quite lazy though, haha. If he were not stuck in this situation, I assure you he would just be sitting around playing video games or something.

Thank you for your comment! It gives me something to think about.