Combine Cover 4 WIP
30th Sep 2016, 1:09 PM in Chapter 7
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Combine Cover 4 WIP
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Author Notes:
Issue 1 of our sci fi comic magazine Combine is available for free as a digital download PDF!

If you like issue 1, consider subscribing to our magazine here:

Issue 4 will be out in a few weeks, and it will be our biggest issue yet! With 80+ pages of comics! Every issue of Combine contains a chapter of Devil Spy by me, Ghost Kiss by Jake Richmond and Shutter Valley Record by Micah Berkoff, plus in issue 4 we're introducing a new contributor Zoe Coughlin with her series The Last Cowboy!

Combine is a labor of love for us and we're really hopeful that this magazine is successful. Each of the contributors pours their heart into their comics and we really want to get them into everyone's hands. Every subscriber to Combine is helping us print these magazines, rent tables at conventions, and pay for art supplies that we need to keep providing content. :) Thank you so much! Please check out our Patreon and subscribe to get issue 4 delivered right to your door!

Back issues are available here:

Please spread the word where you can, thanks! ^_^