15th Aug 2016, 8:28 AM in Chapter 7
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Author Notes:
Here is your Devil Spy update for the week! I don't think Wyatt understands how river's work... but then again he did spend the past third of his life in a fallout shelter... Hope you enjoy this page!

I'm taking this week off comics, but since comics update early on Patreon, you wont notice a gap in comics for a couple weeks. :) This week I'll be focusing on doing some promo drawings for the upcoming Devil Spy Kickstarter plus some Vincent art. If you have any suggestions for Vincent, or the Devil Spy Kickstarter (rewards, book extras, anything you'd like me to consider offering), or any other suggestions please let me know!
The campaign wont be for another five (ish) months, but I wanted to start getting a jump on it now to spread awareness. I hope it will be a success. Here's my plans for the book and rewards so far:

The book itself will collect the first six chapters of Devil Spy plus the 10 page prologue. Including the chapter title pages, that's 100 pages of comic. I am planning bonus features such as concept sketches, character fun facts, information about the series, Q & A and fan art. I am open to suggestions for things you might like to see included in the book. I'm not sure yet what the final page count will be, but hoping for something around 110-120 pages. The book might be 6"x9" in size, which is a different size than my previous 2 books. I'm planning to talk to the printer about book sizes closer to January so I should be able to say what size the books will be then. Each book will come with an exclusive bookplate and my signature. The bookplate design has been shared with my Patreon patrons, but will be making it's public debut closer to the start of the campaign. :)

Rewards levels for the Kickstarter will include: sticker sets, various levels of book sketches (pencil sketch, grayscale marker sketch, color marker sketch), print sets, tee shirts, custom artwork, original pencilled comic pages, original book cover art. If you have any suggestions for reward items I can consider, please let me know!

I'm really looking forward to printing this book, I hope you are looking forward to getting a copy too. ^_^ I still have a lot to think about as far as book extras and the book cover and all that are concerned.

I also opened a Square store yesterday where you can find my books as well as a couple issues of our sci fi comic anthology magazine Combine! I'm hoping to put some more stuff up there at some point, like prints or other artwork. Check it out here: https://squareup.com/store/jaymz

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/jaymz

Thanks so much for reading Devil Spy! I hope you are all having a great day!
User comments:
Awwwwww poor Wyatt. Youll probably get across soon xD
Hopefully! ^_^