Chapter 7 Title Page
4th Jul 2016, 9:19 AM in Chapter 7
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Chapter 7 Title Page
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Author Notes:
Hey everyone! Here's the title page for Chapter 7 of Devil Spy, I hope you like it!

So, including the prologue Devil Spy is very close to reaching the 100 page mark... and since everything with my previous books (Split Screen and Willem) are squared away, I'm going to start putting out the feelers... how many of you would be interested in a Devil Spy book/graphic novel? I'm thinking a 6"x9" book, something like 120 pages which would collect the Prologue plus first 6 chapters of the series plus some book extras.

I'm open to ideas for book extras and also Kickstarter rewards if I end up going the crowdfunding route again. What kind of Devil Spy rewards do you think you might want? Easiest stuff is stickers, prints, book sketches, and artwork. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks!

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